Road Kill


She cries for the road side carcass
Because she knows how it feels to die alone.
She weeps for them silently.
She too has lost her home.

She imagines the initial impact.
The hit that made them bleed.
Was it all internal?
Or an open wound for all to see?

She cries for the road side carcass.
As the driver sings and passes them by.
She hopes the universe grants them peace
As she tries not to look at their exposed glazed eye.

The roads stretch on for miles.
She shifts her focus to the sky.
All of these poor animals…
What’s it like to truly die?

The cold she understands.
Alone is all she knows.
When it comes to physical pain,
Self inflicted she always chose.

But what’s it like to lie there,
As millions pass you by?
No one stops to save you.
Do you curse them as you die?

Or is this everything you’ve wanted?
Your soul can finally escape.
When I’m crying for the road side carcass,
Am I wishing for the same fate?


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