Strings Of My Cello

{Oct. 2015}

Never once had I played the cello.
I thought the violin sounded much more lovely.

And then I saw you.
No. I heard you.
Such a mysterious sound.

You drew me in with your tunes of promise.
You tempted my loneliness with a single flick of a string.

When I cried, your music was my lullaby.
The sound of your tune, no matter how made up it was,
For one meaningless moment, I was safe.

And even in this crowded world.
The busy streets, and the panics of my heart.
You wrapped yourself around me.

You became so much more than just strings.

I noticed how smooth your body was.
And what I thought was a hollow inside, held a heart.
And as I listened to it beating, I knew that’s when it would all fall apart.

Because a cello; it has to put on a show.
A cello requires an audience, not one person alone.
So the music that quickly became home to me, could never be mine you know.

The cello, it now haunts me.
It sounds sorrowful and brings tears to my eyes.
The strings, they now feel empty.
The sound, I almost despise.

But the music my cello played for me,
I’ll try not to let it tear me apart.
I may not know what love is,
But music is a piece of art.

Screen Shot 0030-08-26 at 13.15.27.png

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