{December 2015}

You’re wrapped up in me.
Soft and sweet.
You pull me close around you.
Your body’s heat.

You hold me tightly on the coldest of nights.
I bring you comfort through all your frights.

You use me up.
Every night.
I feel your fingers caress me so.
And the morning I don’t want to let you go.

You smell so sweet.
The sound of your breath.
The warmth of your chest.
Your cheek I caress.

But you don’t love me the most.
You’ll bring her home tonight.

You’ll worship her warmth.
On top of me.
My existence forgotten.
Even if momentarily.

The things I do for you go unnoticed.
The warmth I have for you, untouched.
I’m just a thing in your life of lust.
Of course I can never trust.

But tomorrow when you’re lonely again…
You can rely on me, my friend.

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