{September 6th, 2018}

I don’t want to have these dreams.
These dreams that haunt my nights.
I don’t want to see their faces.
I don’t want to hear the fights.

People I should forget…
People I never knew.
They all float inside my head.
I’m nothing but their tool.

Torturous inside me.
My heart crumbles and I fall.
My eyes can’t help but spill.
There’s no one I can call.

These people that claim(ed) love.
They do not know a bit of me.
They only saw an image.
Something full of mystery.

And yet I long for comfort.
The warmness of the past.
The times when I could have secrets.
It all went by so fast.

Was I really happy,
In arms that could never hold,
The weight of the world that I carry?
Perhaps I really was too bold.

I’m sorry for those I hurt.
I’m full of pity for those I love(d).
The way I storm into your lives
Then disappear like a winter’s glove.

There’s no words I can say.
There’s no extent to which I could repent.
Inside I’m nothing but sin.
Was that message clearly sent?

You’ll always live inside me.
Someplace dark and cruel.
If you’re lucky my image will die from your mind.
Don’t let my memory rule.

Maybe in another world we’re together.
Maybe a different me is someone that can love.
But the person that I am now…
I’m just just a cast away from above.

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