Melancholy Music.

{September 24th, 2018}

Music is so melancholy. The way it wraps it’s tune around me. The way in which melodies vibrate through these ears of mine… such a sorrowful sound.

When the beat makes my body twist and sway, as if to shake the sadness away, my face smiles and I turn with purpose. Friends by my side, or alone in my room. This thing called dancing, it makes my mind feel lighter. But my heart… no matter the tempo… something isn’t quite right.

The keys of a piano. The strings on a guitar. It doesn’t matter much… it all brings on despair.

I crave the music like fingers through my hair. I miss the concerts like memories no longer here. I miss the flashing lights like the speedy beating of my heart during first kisses. And the lyrics…

Lyrics like the poetry I try to understand. Words and phrases to seek comfort in. Like there are others just like me. People who can’t really be together with people, even if inside we are dying from the feeling… lonely.

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